Sunsilk Weather Defense Range

This is the Sunsilk Weather Defense Range that I am using currently <3 Is totally in love with this range of sunsilk product, I tried a few ranges from sunsilk which include the damanged hair range and the smooth and silky hair range but this one is still the best for me.

I think the shampoo and the conditioner has been in the market for quite some time. The one in the far right is somewhat a new product I think (Haven’t been going shopping for a while =.=’’) The weather defense hair serum.

I think this range of product is totally worth it because it does as said protect your hair against the weather which is the major culprit. Ever tried looking as good and as perfect at home but once you step out of the house, you have your so-called bad hair day. Dry and frizzy hair with unmanageable ends. ALL the efforts at home are wasted =(

This is one of the sunsilk product I actually think really works! No more dry frizzy hair. No more unmanageable hair. Less hassles and no time wasted! THANK GOD!

The weather defense hair shampoo

This shampoo in my opinion is not really playing a very big role because I tried using a different shampoo with the same conditioner and serum and the result is still the same.

The weather defense hair conditioner

This, on the other hand, play a VERY important role. The application is the same as the other conditioner. The effect is somewhat similar as well, more manageable hair with no dry ends. No more hassles while blow-drying the hair (Not as much in my case) but protects your hair against the weather one you step out of the house. No more frizzy hair! =D

The weather defense hair serum

I love this product the most in this hair care range. The bottle is small and handy and you can lock the cap to prevent the serum from dripping out! It was written use it as many times as you can but I ONLY use it ONCE after I wash my hair when my hair is still wet and VOILA! I can feel the result immediately! It’s so EASY to blow dry my hair and somehow I feel my hair does dry faster than original! The next day when I wake up, my hair still smellsas good and my hair is still as soft and as manageable!

p.s: Even the boyfriend said my hair feel smoother. And yes, with the hada labo products I am using, the boyfriend said that my skin feel smoother and look suppler! Good investment eh? =D 

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